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What are the categories of bathroom accessories

duhui 2021-01-07

  In real life, many people may not have a thorough understanding of the classification of bathroom accessories. In fact, from the current situation, when we choose these bathroom accessories, we always have some ideas. So what are these bathroom accessories now?

What are the categories of bathroom accessories


  If you don't know what the bathroom accessories are, you can take a look at these hardware. Generally speaking, these small hardware covers the towel cover and the handle of the whole bathtub, as well as soap boxes and dressing shelves. They can be used in the bathroom, and they can all be used to put soap, toilet paper or hand washing products. It can be roughly divided into stainless steel and zinc alloy.

  Water inlet fittings

  Bathroom accessories inside the construction of accessories covers a wide range, there are triangle valve. Triangle valve is mainly used to control the time of water supply pipe of various sanitary wares. When the sanitary wares need to be replaced or repaired, this valve can be closed to facilitate maintenance and replacement. The whole toilet can be applied to some triangle valves made of copper.

  What are the better bathroom accessories? In fact, you can learn more about the above categories. Each category will be more or less different, but each bathroom accessory can play its due role.

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