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How to clean the glass shower Enclosure

duhui 2021-01-12

  How to clean the glass shower Enclosure? What's the coup?

  For the average house, the area of  the bathroom has certain limitations, so the installation of the shower Enclosure in the bathroom should consider the reasonable use of space. The glass shower Enclosure not only looks very beautiful, but also can make the space look more spacious, so it is very popular. So when choosing to use this shower method, we must do regular cleaning, so that it can be as clean as new, so what are the cleaning methods and coups?

shower Enclosure,How to clean the glass shower Enclosure

  1. Use shampoo

  The chemicals contained in the shampoo used in ordinary times have a cleansing effect, so when cleaning the glass shower Enclosure, you can choose to use a small amount of shampoo mixed with clean water to stir, and then wipe with a linen cloth to make it bright as new.

  2. Professional glass water

  No matter what you do, it is good to choose a professional one, and the same is true for glass shower Enclosure cleaning. You can choose to use professional glass water, but you need some investment. Spray the glass water on the glass and wipe it with a soft cloth to clean it.

  If the glass shower Enclosure cannot be properly cleaned, it will cause certain damage to the glass, which will not only affect the appearance, but also reduce the service life.

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