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What are the functions of each part of the walk-in shower

duhui 2021-01-12

  What are the functions of each part of the walk-in shower?

  As the economy is getting better and better, many people now live a good life and live in good houses. However, there are still some trivial things in life, such as the decoration of shower rooms, because shower rooms are divided into many types, so many people are always hesitant when making choices. The walk-in shower is popular because of its own advantages. It is composed of multiple parts, and different parts have different functions. Let's see the specific introduction below.

walk-in shower

  1. The role of glass

  Walk-in showers are mostly made of toughened glass, which not only looks very transparent, but also easy to clean. Generally, you can choose to use shampoo or glass water to spray directly on it to clean it directly. Compared with ordinary glass, it is very beautiful without watery dirt.

  2. The role of retaining stones

  This is divided into natural water retaining stones and artificial water retaining stones, both of which are more obvious in terms of cost. Pair of walk-in showers. The choice of retaining water should be based on personal economic conditions.

  Through the above introduction, you should already understand the parts of the walk-in Shower Enclosure. In addition to the above 2 points, there are also the band rail and hardware accessories pulleys, and they all play an important role.

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