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What kinds of shower suite do you have

duhui 2021-02-01

  What kinds of shower suite do you have? How to choose?

  Bathing is a comfortable leisure time, so many people will choose the installation of shower room in order to have a better experience. When you really go to buy Shower room, how to choose so many products? So you can learn more about the shower room. The following is to introduce to you which kinds of shower suite and how to choose?

shower suite

  1. Most of them are tempered glass

  Shower suite includes tempered glass, which can be divided into many kinds, including ordinary, water ripple and cloth pattern. The thickness of glass is also divided into two kinds, 6 cm and 9 cm, but the thicker the glass is, the higher the price will be. In addition, the special color of the glass production process will be more troublesome, the price is relatively high.

  2. It depends on the shape

  There are many kinds of shapes in the shower suite, for example, some shower rooms are fan-shaped, round and square, and there are special diamond chassis. The more special and irregular the shape of the chassis, the higher the cost and the higher the price. However, most families will choose square chassis, which is more practical.

  Through the above introduction, we should know about the types of shower suite, and we should pay more attention to the cost performance when choosing, so that we can ensure the safety when using.

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