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Which type of shower mixer is more durable

duhui 2021-02-26

  Which type of shower mixer is more durable? How to improve its replacement?

  For users, they also hope that the shower mixer has good durability, so what about some form of more durable? First of all, it needs to have a simpler structure. There are many products that are often more complicated in internal structure, so its effect is reduced, and if it can be improved in design, Naturally, it can also satisfy users, which is what users need to do when they choose to purchase.


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  Of course, from the perspective of manufacturers, they also hope that their shower mixer products are more durable, and this also needs to be improved in production. In addition to having a good design in production, it also needs to be very durable. Good material advantage. If the material has no advantage, there will be no wear resistance. Naturally, it will reduce the product. There is also a production process. If the production process is not good, the fit between parts will decrease. Therefore, the durability is reduced, so this is also a condition, but it also needs to allow shower mixer manufacturers to surpass technical strength.

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