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Advantages and functional effects of massage bathtub

duhui 2022-07-22

Advantages and functional effects of massage bathtub


As a large-scale sanitary ware, the massage bathtub needs to be purchased with great care. To choose a good massage bathtub, consider not only its shape and style, but also functional effectiveness, safety, and factors such as material texture and manufacturer. Let's take a look at the advantages and functional effects of the massage bathtub.

Advantages of massage bathtub


1. Relieve stress: We all know that soaking in a bathtub can relieve stress, but although an ordinary bathtub can relieve stress, it only relaxes tense muscles through high temperature. The massage bathtub is different. There are small holes in the bottom and walls of the massage bathtub, which are used to spray water. The high-pressure water flow on the four walls stimulates the acupuncture points of the human body to relax, and the spout at the bottom can massage the back. The combination of the two can relieve the pressure more perfectly.

2. Timed intelligent water intake: Do you always have to stay by the bathtub when the bathtub is filled with water, waiting for the water level to rise to the standard scale line, the massage bathtub can help solve this problem. The timed intelligent water inlet function of the massage bathtub: just set a time on the smart device, and you are responsible for enjoying it when the time comes. This way you don't have to spend time in the water.

3. Fitness therapy: The massage bathtub has fitness therapy function. As long as the water in the bathtub is injected with life, it can circulate automatically. If you look closely, you can find that there will be whirlpools in the water. Such high-pressure water circulation around the human body can achieve the function of spa fitness.

4. Automatic cleaning and disinfection: Everyone knows that it is very pleasant to lie in the bathtub and enjoy a sunbath, but is it very difficult to clean up afterwards. A massage bathtub can help you at this point. The automatic cleaning and disinfection function of the massage bathtub: it can be easily cleaned and self-disinfected with only one command. This makes cleaning the bathtub easy and time-saving.

5. Make an appointment for the water temperature: When you get home from a tired day, you want to take a comfortable bubble bath immediately, but when you get the bathtub water, you may have no energy to enjoy it. However, the temperature of the water placed in advance is always difficult to control to just right. The water temperature reservation function of the massage bathtub is to set a time and temperature on the remote control to meet the above shortcomings.


Disadvantages of massage bathtub


1. The price is more expensive. Due to the superior functional experience brought by the massage bathtub, the price is relatively high; it requires a larger bathroom area. Compared with the ordinary bathtub, the massage bathtub itself is larger, so the bathroom area is also larger;

2. The requirements for water pressure, electricity and placement are very high. Water pressure and electricity are necessary conditions for the operation of the massage bathtub, and the installation is relatively complicated and requires special personnel to install. Cleaning is complicated. Compared with ordinary bathtub, press massage bathtub cleaning and maintenance are relatively troublesome.


Functional effect of massage bathtub


1. The massage bathtub is equipped with surfing massage equipment (small surfing nozzles, large surfing nozzles, bubble bath nozzles, surfing pumps, air pumps, etc.), of course, the price will be a little more expensive than ordinary bathtubs. The massage bathtub can massage the whole body through jet flushing and water circulation while bathing, providing people with a more comfortable bathing enjoyment.

2. Many people in modern times have more or less symptoms of insomnia due to various pressures in work and life. Insomnia one night leads to poor mental state the next day, and insomnia the next night. In such a vicious cycle, even mild insomnia symptoms will turn into serious insomnia symptoms. The use of massage in the massage bathtub also has a certain effect on the treatment of insomnia.

3. When massaging in the massage bathtub, the massage water provides an effective way to relieve muscle tissue by releasing nerve tension on the surface of the skin, while accelerating blood circulation in the body. During this period, you need to relax as much as possible, and try to feel the vitality and heat transmitted by the water flow, which has a good effect on the treatment of insomnia.


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