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Common sense for using mirrors

duhui 2021-04-25

  Mirrors play an important role in people’s lives. People use mirrors almost every day. Nowadays, mirrors are generally glass bodies. They are easily broken when impacted. Therefore, when people use them, they must To understand some daily knowledge, so that it can be better used.

  When people place the mirror, try to place it on a flat surface, and don't place it in a rough place, so as not to cause the product to break due to instability. When people hold the mirror with their hands, they should be careful not to use their hands to touch the part of the mirror surface to avoid oxidation of the mirror. Some people like to spray on the mirror. This is a very bad habit and needs to be changed.

Common sense for using mirrors

  If people use small mirrors, they should be kept away from infants and young children when placing them to avoid being knocked and broken by infants and young children.

  In order to keep the mirror as new for a long time, it needs to be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, people must master the correct cleaning method so that it can be as bright as new.

  When people use the mirror, they all hope that it can have a long service life and keep it as new during use. Therefore, people should be clear about some common sense of placing and some common sense of cleaning.

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