For bathroom decoration, should I use a glass room or a shower curtain?

duhui 2021-04-14

For bathroom decoration, should I use a glass bath room or a shower curtain? My personal opinion is to choose a glass bath room as much as possible. But compared with the traditional shower curtain, how is the glass bath room better? For this issue, we give the following three points.

1. The decoration effect is much better than the traditional shower curtain

Because our glass bath room is purchased and installed according to the size of our bathroom. Like our common glass precautions, there are rectangular, L-shaped, curved, and so on. After the installation of these glass bath rooms is completed, the overall matching degree with our bathroom is very high. So I feel that the decoration grade is indeed much better.

For bathroom decoration, should I use a glass room or a shower curtain

2. Relatively complete functions

For the glass bath room, there are storage shelves in the glass bath room. Like a regular glass room, there are tiered storage compartments at a certain corner, and these storage compartments can store our usual toiletries. This avoids that the supplies in the shower room area have no place to put. Therefore, it is very reasonable for the storage of the shower room.

3. The effect of dry and wet separation is more thorough

The so-called dry and wet separation effect is more thorough, which refers to the glass room we installed. When in use, after we completely close the door of the glass room, the water produced in the bath at this time is inside the shower room, and then passes through The internal floor drain drained away in time. Will not appear on the ground outside the bath room. For traditional shower curtains, a large part of it will appear on the ground outside the shower curtain, resulting in a lot of water on the ground, which is also the biggest problem with the shower curtain.

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