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How to clear the clogged bathtub

duhui 2022-07-19

How to clear the clogged bathtub


Nowadays, the pace of life is relatively fast. Many people install bathtubs in the bathroom when they are decorating their homes. After a busy day, they take a dip in the bathtub to relieve their exhaustion and bring a little comfort to their impetuous life. The water in the bathtub needs to be drained after each wash, and some hair and debris will clog the bathtub during the water discharge process. Many people don't know what to do when they encounter a blocked bathtub. They either cause damage due to improper operation, or pay a repairman to deal with it. So how to unblock the blocked bathtub? The next three methods will teach you to unblock yourself easily.

1. Iron wire or steel wire


Generally, the sewer pipe of the bathtub will be designed as an elbow or a return pipe in order to prevent the sewage from pouring back. At this time, we can use a piece of iron wire or steel wire to dredge. When choosing iron wire or steel wire for PVC material pipe, do not choose too hard and thorny ones, otherwise the PVC pipe may be broken when dredging, causing irreparable damage.


You can make a small hook at the front end of the wire. After the wire goes deep into the pipe, when you feel the blockage, rotate the wire in your hand, try to let the small hook hang the hair and impurities, and then pull it back hard. Repeat several times until the small hook cannot catch any blockage, then put some water to rinse. Cast iron sewer pipes can be made of harder iron or steel wires. The diameter can be slightly larger but should be able to touch the blockage. Then, the iron wire or steel wire can be inserted deep into the pipe and stabbed down hard until the blockage is dredged. Add some more water to flush the remaining blockage down the drain.


2. Chemicals


Caustic soda can be placed in the tub drain and poured in hot water. Specialty duct dredging agents can also be used. Pipe unclogging agent contains a lot of corrosive substances, which will dissolve the hair and impurities blocked in the sewer when it flows into the sewer. If the sewer pipe is made of metal, pay attention to it, the pipe dredging agent will corrode the pipe, and serious leakage will occur. At this time, the sewer can only be replaced.


After cleaning the clogged hair and debris in the sewer with a pipe unclog, rinse the pipe several times with clean water, and let it sit for a while before using the bathtub. Otherwise, when using the bathtub, the residual dredging agent may flow back, which will burn the human skin, and even cause allergic reactions in severe cases.




The pipe unclogging devices on the market are similar, and the basic principles are similar. When using a hand-crank dredge, keep the front end of the dredge up and down the drain, and then shake the handle. When unblocking, be sure not to wrap hair and debris on the unblocker. If one person is inconvenient, two people can cooperate to complete it. It is estimated that the depth of the unblocker exceeds the blocked position and then pulls back.


Unclogging devices, such as toilet flush and blockage, use the suction or pressure of air pressure to block the blockage to complete the dredging of the sewer.


The above is the method of cleaning the bathtub blockage. According to different pipe types and things that are easy to get around, you can easily solve the blockage problem, so that you will no longer have to worry about it. Of course, in order to avoid the occurrence of blockage, we still need to regularly clean the impurities in the bathtub, and install a filter drain valve at the bottom of the bathtub to filter the hair and other debris that will flow into the sewer as much as possible.


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