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How to use the bathtub correctly and gracefully

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How to use the bathtub correctly and gracefully

How to take a bath


1. Before taking a bath, drink a glass of water first, because the body temperature will rise and sweating during the bath will easily make people dehydrated, so it is very important to replenish the body with water in advance.

2. After that, rinse your body with hot water to allow your body to adapt to the temperature of the water. Because the body temperature will increase when taking a bath, resulting in increased blood pressure, which will bring a great burden to the body and is prone to life-threatening.

3. How to use the bathtub? Put hot water in the bathtub, the temperature should be kept at 40 degrees, and soak in the bathtub for 5 minutes to warm the body. The process of soaking in the bathtub can be divided into two steps, which can not only reduce the burden on the body, but also promote blood circulation.

4. After soaking for about 5 minutes, get out of the bathtub and rest for a while. During this period, you can wash your hair and scrub your whole body to relax your body.

5. Then enter the bathtub again, and take a half-body bath in the chest-deep hot water for about 15 minutes, and the body will be fully warmed up. At this time, the body will slowly expel sweat, and it needs to be actively wiped off.

6. After taking a bath, you can rinse your hands and feet with cold water to constrict blood vessels. Because the body's blood vessels will expand after a warm bath, and it is easy to lose heat. At this time, washing hands and feet with cold water will shrink the blood vessels, reduce heat loss, and continue to keep warm.


The correct way to use the bathtub


1. Plug the water outlet on the bathtub with a stopper.

2. Put water into the bathtub, pay attention to the appropriate water temperature and quantity.

3. Go into the bathtub after undressing.

4. Rub all parts of the body with hands until the stains are washed away.

5. Drain the dirty water after taking a bath, and then add an appropriate amount of water to rinse the bathtub.

Tips: The dirty water in the bathtub carries a lot of bacteria. If it is not cleaned up in time, these bacteria will easily multiply in the bathtub and easily cause infection to the human body, so be sure to rinse the bathtub as soon as possible after taking a bath.


Precautions for using the bathtub


1. The water level of the bathtub should be controlled. Generally speaking, when the bathtub is filled with water, it is best to be below 42 cm. The bathtub with the water level exceeding the heart will cause danger, especially for the elderly and children who lack flexibility. In addition, the water level is suitable for easy access.

2. When taking a bath in the bathtub, the child needs to be accompanied by an expert to take the child to take a bath, and the line of sight should not be taken away from the child. Families with children should prepare a bathtub, which is cleaner and more convenient to wash. 

3. Set a safe water level and take anti-skid measures. The bathtub should set a safe water level to prevent slipping and drowning. Acrylic is originally glass, and it is easy to slip when it encounters water. If you add good lubricants such as soap or shower gel, you must have a non-slip design on the bottom of the bathtub.

4. The position of the shower curtain is correct If you need to shower in the bathtub and use a shower curtain, then be sure to place the shower curtain on the inside of the bathtub. If it is placed on the outside, the water will flow out, causing the ground to be slippery; when it is placed on the inside, be careful that the shower curtain is not too long, otherwise it is very dangerous to step on it during the shower.

5. Remember to install handrails on the bathtub. When entering and leaving the bathtub and getting up, it is most likely to be dangerous. Therefore, there must be handrails around the bathtub. And, determine if the product's grip is right for you before buying.

6. The towel bar cannot replace the armrest. The towel bar has a certain load-bearing limit, and its function is not strong enough to bear the weight of a person, and it has been repeated many times. Of course, if you buy a bathtub that is not equipped with grab bars, you can also install a pole next to the bathtub for better stability.

7. Don't have a shelf above the bathtub. 

8. Appropriate protective measures should be taken, such as adding iron fences and wire mesh to seal the return port of the bathtub to prevent the suction of the return port from possibly sucking the clothes or the body and causing drowning.


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