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What are the Points for Purchasing a 48 inch Freestanding Tub?

duhui 2022-09-16

What are the points for purchasing a 48 inch freestanding tub


1. A bathtub with good corrosion resistance, strong deformation resistance, stain resistance and easy cleaning should be selected.

2. When choosing a bathtub faucet, in order to ensure normal use, a filter valve should be installed on the pipeline.

3. When the bathtub drainage pipe adopts the horizontal pipe drainage of the same layer, it is advisable to use the buried multi-channel floor drain.

4. There are three types of bathtubs in the bathroom: shelving, embedded and semi-submerged. The shelving type is to place the bathtub against the corner of the wall. This method is convenient for construction and easy to maintain. It is suitable for use when the floor and ground have been decorated. Embedded is to embed the bathtub into the countertop, which is good for placing toiletries, but it takes up a lot of space. The semi-submerged type is to bury 1∕3 of the bathtub under the ground or in a high platform with steps. The bathtub is about 400mm on the bathroom floor or on the countertop. Compared with the shelving type, the embedded bathtub is easy and convenient to enter and exit. It is widely used by the elderly and infirm.

5. To buy a bathtub of the right size, the most important things to consider are not only its shape and style, but also factors such as comfort, placement, type of faucet, as well as material texture and manufacturer. Check the depth, width, length and girth of the tub. Some bathtubs have special shapes. The bathtubs with short sides are designed for the elderly and the disabled. The small flanges and the inclination of the inner wall allow users to enter and exit freely. There are also easy-to-operate faucets and perimeter grab bars in different shapes and sizes for easy entry and exit.



48 inch freestanding tub precautions


1) Water capacity: Generally, 48 inch freestanding tub the full water capacity is about 230~320L. When taking a bath, the water should have no shoulders. If the bathtub is too small, it will be uncomfortable for people to curl up in it, and if it is too large, there will be a feeling of floating and unstable. The height of the water outlet determines the height of the water capacity. If the length of the bathroom is insufficient, a bathtub with a larger width or a deeper depth should be selected to ensure that the bathtub has sufficient water.

2) Gloss: By looking at the surface gloss to understand the pros and cons of the material, it is suitable for bathtubs of 48 inch freestanding tub of material. Cast iron enamel is considered the best finish.

3) Smoothness: Whether the surface is smooth when touched by hand.

4) Firmness: Test the firmness by pressing with hands and feet. The firmness of the 48 inch freestanding tub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, which cannot be seen by visual inspection. You need to try it yourself. In the case of gravity, such as standing in, whether there is a feeling of sinking. Steel is a relatively hard and durable material. Steel bathtubs are also covered with ceramic or enamel. If you can afford it, it is best to buy thicker steel bathtubs.

5) The skirt is divided into left and right: the way to distinguish the skirt is as follows: when facing the wall that the bathtub is against, if the water outlet is on the left side of the person, you need to buy the left skirt bathtub, otherwise buy the right skirt side bathtub.

6) A bathtub with anti-slip measures should be selected, especially for the elderly.

7) Generally speaking, bathtubs with hydromassage function are larger than ordinary bathtubs, and the price is higher. But it can bring enjoyment and comfort.

8) The length of the 48 inch freestanding tub should be matched with the space designed by the building. It should also be adapted to the height of the user, generally ≥1300mm.


How to choose the size and shape of 48 inch freestanding tub?


1. The size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. If it is determined to install the bathtub in the corner, generally speaking, 48 inch freestanding tub the triangular bathtub takes up more space than the rectangular bathtub.

2. Bathtubs of the same size have different depths, widths, lengths and contours. If you prefer a deeper water, the position of the waste outlet should be higher.

3. For bathtubs with skirts on one side, when purchasing, pay attention to the direction of the skirts according to the position of the drain and the wall. If you buy the wrong one, you cannot install it.

4. If a shower head is added on the bathtub, the bathtub should be slightly wider, and the bathtub part below the shower position should be flat and anti-slip treatment.

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