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Why do I need to wrap the glass shower enclosure?

duhui 2021-04-14

Why do I need to wrap the glass shower room? There are three benefits.

1. After the glass edging, the shower room is more durable

Generally, the glass is edge-wrapped, and the selected materials are steel or stainless steel. The edges and corners are wrapped, which invisibly adds a protective cover to the edge of the glass, and the glass shower room will not easily break. Therefore, the entire shower room will be more stable and durable. On the contrary, the glass shower room without edging, the base is all connected and fixed by hardware, and the stability is definitely not better than the edging style.

Why do I need to wrap the glass shower enclosure

2. After the glass is wrapped, it is safer to use

Most of the glass in the glass shower room is transparent or frosted, and the surface of the glass will definitely be misted during the shower. If there is no edging, one accidentally touches the glass, which is very unsafe. The elderly and children are more likely to take a bath. accident. However, if the edging is made, it is easier to distinguish the shower room glass visually, so it can reduce the chance of bumping, and it is safe to use.

3. After the glass edging, the overall space appearance is higher

The glass of the glass shower room is wrapped around, which looks more beautiful than the pure all-glass style. If you choose black-framed steel or stainless steel as the edging, it will be more linear and beautiful when combined with glass, which will add beauty to the entire space.

So on the whole, wrapping the shower room can not only ensure the safety of use, but also improve the appearance of the bathroom inadvertently. It can kill two birds with one stone. Why not do it?

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