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As one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of Freestanding Bathtub in China, Ebath is characterized by high-quality products and competitive prices. Please feel free to get the wholesale quotation of Freestanding Bathtub from our factory, contact us now.

China Freestanding Bathtub manufacturer, factory, supplier


Installation of freestanding bathtub


1. The freestanding bathtub does not need to be built or even a skirt. Its unique effect is sought after by avant-garde hipsters. Therefore, the price is naturally high, and it costs 10,000 yuan in the market, which does not include the requirements for bathroom area and the purchase of related products.


2. When purchasing a bathtub, determine the key to the material you want. When purchasing, you can touch the surface of the bathtub with your hands. The more delicate the feel, the better; tap the bathtub to feel the thickness of the bathtub; if conditions permit, try to test the water to identify noise and heat preservation, the current bathtub materials are mainly ceramic, cast iron, steel plate, acrylic, glass, etc., different materials have different performances of independent bathtubs. It is recommended to have a simple understanding of various bathtub materials before purchasing.



3. When choosing a freestanding bathtub, you can't just buy it according to your own preferences. The basic requirement of the shape of the freestanding bathtub is to support the back, the height of the support should be sufficient, and the head and neck should also be able to provide gentle support.


4. Since the independent bathtub has a variety of styles, it can be matched with all the decorative styles of the bathroom space. Therefore, when choosing an independent bathtub, you must carefully choose its style and shape, and try to match it with the decoration of your own bathroom space. In order to reflect the harmony and unity of the bathroom space decoration.


Ebath Freestanding Bathtub


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Our products can meet the needs of different customers. Welcome to choose Ebath - is one of the leading Shower Enclosure, Bathroom Mirrors manufacturers and suppliers in China, also supporting customized service. Be free to wholesale high-quality products from our factory.


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