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China Ebath Bathroom is a professional Shower Enclosure Manufacturers, Mixer, Mirror Suppliers, Factory. We sincerely invite customers and agents from abroad! Choose Ebath Bathroom as the shower room. The shower room is stylish and comfortable. Welcome to buy.

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    Nowadays, young people prefer the "disposable" shower curtain for the separation of wet and dry in the bathroom, while the middle-aged and elderly households, or owners with children in the family, will prefer to choose a higher cost but better function. Shower room, according to the residents' preference, the function design, cleaning and style of the shower room are the key to the preliminary planning and design. Today, Ebath will take you to understand the preliminary preparations for installing the shower room in the above three aspects.


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    Design: The spatial structure determines the way to open the door


    The shower room does not have strict requirements on the type of house, and can be installed in large and small units. For different sizes of bathroom spaces, it is necessary to plan the corresponding shower room layout. The layout method mentioned here mainly refers to the structure type of the shower room. Common shower rooms have diamond-shaped and straight-shaped structures, and different structures have different door opening methods.


    For example, the diamond shower room is generally dominated by side-by-side doors. The designer suggests that when planning, it is best to ensure that the door of the shower room can open 90 degrees outwards, and at the same time, plan and install the door in advance to prevent the door from being too large to hit the toilet, sink, etc. For a bathroom with a relatively small area, the door of the shower room cannot be opened from the outside, but can only be opened inward, which would be inconvenient to use. At present, some shower rooms on the market will design the door as a double-opening form inside and outside. This design can effectively and easily break the shackles of space, convenient and practical, free and flexible. To open the door, you need to consider the door handle at the same time. If possible, it is recommended to plan and install a long handle outside the door. The towel can be hung on it like a hotel, which is convenient to use, but the space is not enough. You can plan to install a vertical one. handle.


    In addition to the side door, the common way to open the door is also the sliding door, which is mainly common in the in-line shower room. According to the size of the bathroom, sliding doors are generally divided into two sliding doors or three sliding doors. Generally speaking, the more sliding doors move, the larger the space to enter. Regardless of whether it is a side-opening door or a sliding door, there will be problems such as unsmooth opening and closing of the door and corrosion damage to the details during use. In order to prevent these problems, we need to pay special attention to components such as door stoppers, closure strips, hinges, and upper hanging rails of sliding doors when selecting and planning in the early stage.


    Cleaning: The drainage groove design makes maintenance more worry-free


    The cleaning and maintenance of the shower room is closely related to drainage. In the process of use, water is easy to splash around the shower room, so we need to pay attention to the configuration of the drainage groove below when selecting and planning in the early stage. With a special drainage channel, the water during use will not accumulate on the waterproof platform, but will flow away along the sink, which can reduce the later cleaning and maintenance workload. If you don’t plan to install drainage channels, adding high-quality water retaining strips to important parts is also a good waterproof measure.


    Style: minimalism can be versatile


    There are many styles of shower room, such as extremely narrow frame, European gold, rose gold, or black style. In the selection process, it mainly matches the owner's overall home decoration style, such as configuring according to the wall tiles, floor tiles, basins, sanitary ware, toilets, faucets, etc. of the bathroom. The same material color is the main principle of collocation. However, for some residents, the bathroom style is more diverse, or the main material color is not prominent. At this time, it is recommended that residents delete the complex and simplify, and choose a relatively simple and modern shower room style, such as a narrow frame design. Simple style, this design is relatively clean and versatile, suitable for most family bathrooms.


    Shower Cabin


    Ebath has been committed to the design and manufacture of customized high-end shower rooms, safety shower rooms, Mixer and Mirror products. It is a bathroom manufacturer with the brand concept of "Thanksgiving, Honesty, Pragmatism, and Innovation", and is determined to become a first-line brand of shower rooms for global consumption. To create a safe, comfortable and moving shower space experience!


    Ebath shower room, the top ten brand of shower room in China, is a shower room manufacturer focusing on the manufacture of overall shower room. It adheres to the concept of "sharing shower space with the world". The main products are simple shower room and overall shower room, providing customers with high-quality showers. Housing products and services.


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    China Ebath Bathroom is a professional Shower Enclosure Manufacturers, Mixer, Mirror Suppliers, Factory. We sincerely invite customers and agents from abroad! Choose Ebath Bathroom as the shower room. The shower room is stylish and comfortable. Welcome to buy.


    Ebath Bathroom Products, shower room manufacturer, decoration shower room, customized on demand, let you feel at ease, guard your health, professional manufacturer, committed to a more accurate service system., precision shower room, one-time precision customization, ten years Guard with peace of mind. >>>MORE PRODUCTS

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