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How to clean the mirror

duhui 2021-04-25

  Mirrors play a very important role in our lives. People use mirrors to make up and dress up almost every day, and there are mirrors in many places in life. This requires people to clean the mirrors to avoid influence. To the use of mirrors.

How to clean the mirror

  When dirt appears on the mirror, it will affect people's use, so it needs to be cleaned. When cleaning the dirt, if you want to achieve the desired cleaning effect, you can use vinegar to do it. First, mix vinegar and water. Prepare the solution according to the proportion. Generally, the ratio of water is 2 and the ratio of vinegar is 1. After this solution is prepared, you can use newspaper to wipe the mirror. Dip the prepared water-vinegar solution with newspaper, and then wipe it. After wiping the dirt, use a dry soft cloth to wipe the mirror surface. Wipe the mirror surface clean to make the mirror look shiny and new.

  If people only wipe the mirror surface, they can also wipe the mirror surface with a damp cloth first, and then wipe the mirror surface with newspaper to wipe it clean. This method also has a good cleaning effect, but in general, this method of wiping , Suitable for wiping mirrors that do not require high illuminance, such as window glass.

  People who master the cleaning method of mirrors can make the mirror bright as new.

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