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How to maintain the shower enclosure?

duhui 2021-04-16

  Everyone is familiar with the shower enclosure, which is a private and comfortable space. Such an important space must of course be maintained. The next step is to share with you the specific methods!

  1. For the bottom plate of the shower enclosure, do not hit or hit the surface with sharp objects to avoid damage.

  2. For the push-pull shower enclosure, pay attention to the maintenance of the pulleys. Avoid forcefully hitting the movable door from the front, and regularly clean the pulleys, sliding rails, and sliding blocks, and add lubricant on time.

How to maintain the shower enclosure

  3. For aluminum alloy door frames, if stains appear on the aluminum surface, you can use a neutral detergent to dissolve in water and wipe it.

  4. In order to avoid scratching the glass and affecting the visual appearance of the shower enclosure, use a soft dry cloth for daily cleaning.

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