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Should I choose a shower or a bathtub in bathroom products

duhui 2021-05-20

  Should I choose a shower or a bathtub in bathroom products?

  Regardless of whether to buy a house or rent a house, most people are more concerned about the living room and bedroom, and the bathroom, whether it is space or decoration, can only be regarded as a "supporting role". This concept is actually inappropriate. The bathroom is washed off every day. Fatigue and dust are the prerequisites for comfort and enjoyment. We still need to pay attention to it.

Should I choose a shower or a bathtub in bathroom products

  Many times, people are entangled in whether to install a shower or a bathtub in the bathroom. People who come here like to judge the pros and cons subjectively are biased, because people's sense of identity with the bathroom can be said to be half. Half, no one has obvious advantages. Let me give you a stroke. Whether you care about a small room or a big house, you can give you some inspiration.

  Family with bathtub:

  For families with bathtubs, first of all, the house will not be too small, because a bathtub occupies a lot of space in the bathroom, and a house that is too small can’t fit. It’s comfortable to have a bathtub and bubble bath. Every day’s fatigue is at this moment. It disappeared completely, this kind of enjoyment is beyond words.

  Of course, everything should be viewed from both sides. Although the bathtub is comfortable, it takes about 20 minutes to fill the water. After the bath, a large basin of water must be drained, and the bathtub must be cleaned before taking a shower. That's fine. It takes a lot of time before and after. It doesn't hurt to do it a day or two. It does this every day. Even if you have money, your time is not allowed!

  Family with shower:

  Shower houses, especially in southern families, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, mostly use showers. This way, bathing is very fast. It is solved by three times and five times, and there is no need for a large bathroom space, which is less than 5 square meters. The restrooms can also be decorated in this way, which is more flexible.

  In general, the choice to install a shower or a bathtub depends on the size of the bathroom, as well as your own personal preferences and needs.

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