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Shower Enclosure installation costs and matters needing attention

duhui 2022-01-05

Shower Enclosure installation costs and matters needing attention

Enclosure Placement

For maximizing space and ensuring optimal placement, homeowners must consider the size of the bathroom. In small bathrooms, it may be more prudent to combine the shower enclosure with the bathtub. If space is not a massive consideration, then many homeowners prefer a separate shower enclosure. This makes it easier to simply walk into the shower instead of stepping into a bathtub, which may be harder for older and younger residents of the house.

Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure Installation Costs

With a range of shower enclosure styles available, homeowners have plenty to choose from. Framed shower enclosures are slightly less expensive than their frameless counterparts. Many homeowners prefer the frameless option because it adds the illusion of space with no visual glass obstructions. The choice of a door for the shower enclosure may also impact costs. Bifold doors tend to be more expensive than sliding and hinged doors because they are more elaborate to install.

Relying on a Professional

Installing a shower enclosure is no easy feat. A new space chosen for it may need to be adequately waterproofed with high-quality sealant to prevent water from leaking into the walls or outside the shower. Any leaks can trigger the growth of bathroom-damaging mold and mildew. Additionally, new pipes and faucets may need to be attached to the shower enclosure. These plumbing tasks are complex and require trained professionals to do the job safely and accurately.

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