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Shower enclosure buying guide

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About Shower Enclosure


Shower enclosure buying guide


Before we begin, it might help to explain what a shower enclosure is. Sometimes referred to as a shower cubicle, a shower enclosure usually comes with one or more glass panels which enclose your shower area, protecting the rest of your room from splashes. Sometimes supplied with a door, which can either slide, pivot, swing or fold open, or featuring a walk in design without a door, shower enclosures come in all shapes and sizes, with or without a shower tray.

4 things to consider:

1. The space in your bathroom

It may seem obvious, yet the very first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you can actually fit a shower enclosure into your bathroom. If you’re making a like-for-like change with an older enclosure or swapping a bath for a shower, this should be relatively straightforward. However, if you’re fitting an enclosure into a space for the very first time, you will need to carefully consider the dimensions and layout of your room.

Other points to consider are the actual type of room you are looking to create a shower enclosure for:

Is it for your main bathroom?

Is it for your ensuite or separate shower room?

If so, then it may influence the type of shower enclosure that is right for your exact needs. With planning. it’s possible to fit a shower into a tight area and make life a little easier in your household. Consider exactly how much room and height are available. For example, if you want to squeeze a shower into a tight spot like a recess, opt for a pivot or a folding shower door.

2. The wall and positioning

It is important that you think about where to place the enclosure. Will it be in the corner or in a separate enclosed area? This will impact on the type of shower tray and the type of enclosure door you require. For example, if you are fitting in a recess, you may only need a shower door, rather than a full enclosure.

Also, if you are replacing an old shower enclosure, if possible, place your new shower in the same position as your old one as this will require a lot less plumbing work, as your water pipes and drainage will already be in the right place.

Shower Enclosure

3. Types of glass

Here are some key points to consider:

8mm or 10mm tempered glass is highly durable, long-lasting, safe and also easy to clean making either a perfect choice

Toughened safety glass is always a good choice for a wet room or shower enclosure

It’s worth remembering that thicker glass will need more support due to the extra weight

Depending on the shape, the larger the glass or the more curved it is, the less thickness can be achieved due to design

If cost is a concern, or you do not like the look of thicker glass, then 4mm or 6mm glass are great alternatives

Look out for glass with an easy clean coating which helps reduce the build-up of soap, grime and limescale

Edge protection—glass which does not have a protective framing can be more easily chipped and broken, especially in busy family bathrooms. A shower enclosure with strong aluminium framing will support the glass and keep it well protected

4. Protecting your walls

The interior walls of your shower enclosure will need added protection from water, and this can be achieved using shower wall panels or tiles.

Shower wall panels are fast becoming a popular alternative to tiles, due to the following benefits:

They are quicker and easier to install, with no tricky grouting or shaping required. Simply cut your panel(s) to size and fit

They are more cost-effective, commonly costing less per sq. metre than tiles

They are easier to maintain, with no grout lines where mould can develop

They offer a seamless finish, with joins virtually invisible

They come in a massive range of colours and patterns, including stone and wood-effect designs, to perfectly suit your decor

Wall tiles are also a popular choice, due to their stylish appearance and hardwearing nature. When tiling the walls in your shower area, here are some points to consider:

When installing a recess shower, think carefully about your choice of tiles and how much to tile before you install the shower tray, as you will only need to tile down to the tray

When installing a wet room, you’ll need to ensure all areas, including floors and walls, are tiled and sealed correctly. Although, you can opt for a walk in shower which reduces the amount of tiling for the floor area

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