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Shower or bathtub is right for you

duhui 2022-03-01

Shower or bathtub is right for you ?


Some people love showers for the ability to get clean and get out the door quickly, to say nothing of their water-saving properties. Others prefer the relaxation of a hot bath after a long day and believe in taking time to smell the roses (or rose-scented bath soaps). 

Choosing whether to install a shower or tub for your bathroom is an important decision that goes beyond ROI: it’s an appliance that you and your family will use every day, so it should meet your particular, practical needs.

Shower Pros and Cons

It’s important to take a look at each option individually when weighing the best choice for your bathroom. Here are some pros and cons of showers:


Uses less water

Takes up less floor space

Uses less energy from the water heater

Allows for a more luxurious, spa-like shower, with features such as extra showerheads or more elaborate options such as rain-style or steam, built-in seating, and door-less designs, which require less cleaning and maintenance

Variety of materials to choose from, like fiberglass and natural stone


Shower doors require regular cleaning to prevent mineral build-up, and curtains often need replacing

Difficult to bathe children and pets

Harder to fix leaks

Creates higher humidity in your bathroom, which could be problematic if you have poor ventilation

Shower Enclosure

Tub Pros and Cons


Excellent for relaxation

Useful for bathing small children, pets, or hand-washing delicate clothing items

Classic aesthetics, with many design options (size, material, style) such as clawfoot, freestanding, soaking, and walk-in

Freestanding units can be placed nearly anywhere in your bathroom

Many add-on features such as jets or whirlpools


Without a walk-in version, it might not be accessible

Uses more floor space than a shower

Uses more water

Requires a water heater with enough capacity to fill a bathtub

Where can I buy a Bathtub?


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