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What is the best material for the shower enclosure?

duhui 2021-04-14

A warm and perfect home must have a comfortable shower room. The shower room is a must-have for every household. When you are tired, taking a hot bath is the happiest thing. But what material is good for the shower room? Do you know?

1. Glass: Of course, the shower room glass should be fully tempered glass. The self-explosion rate of tempered glass of three thousandths is difficult to say whether it will happen to oneself, so explosion protection is very important. Now the explosion-proof shower room is mainly made of glass with explosion-proof film and laminated glass. The two are mainly used to prevent glass splashing when the glass is broken. In comparison, it is much more economical to stick an explosion-proof film, and the laminated glass can maintain the whole glass intact even if the glass is broken, giving the user time To replace. For a more user-friendly shower room glass, it is recommended that you can paste an explosion-proof film on the outside of the shower room glass, and add a layer of nano easy-to-clean coating inside, so that the glass can be explosion-proof and self-cleaning, cleaning is more labor-saving, but safe and worry-free Match it!

What is the best material for the shower enclosure

2. Hardware accessories: Hardware accessories may seem inconspicuous, but their function cannot be ignored. They are the key to the overall stability of the shower room. Hardware accessories mainly include copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. Among them, 304A stainless steel is the best choice, followed by copper. For example, the quality of door hinges is poor, and the glass door is opened and closed frequently, and it is easy to sag or even detach. It is a common occurrence. After all, you get what you pay for.

3. Installation: I have to say installation here. Good materials are only a prerequisite. Installation is an important guarantee for the safety of the shower room. A safe shower room needs to be supported by a professional installation team. It is recommended that you choose a branded shower room when choosing a shower room. After all, the installation and after-sales service will be more professional and comprehensive.

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