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Does the family need to consider the design of the bathtub

duhui 2021-06-03

  Does the family need to consider the design of the bathtub?

  With the development of the times, people's living conditions have become better, and bathtubs have become more and more popular among young people. The Japanese-style bath is enviable every day, and the French-style romantic bath is also desirable. It can bring home the sense of sight brought by the hot spring bath, which naturally tempts everyone.

Does the family need to consider the design of the bathtub

  But there are still many people who are entangled in the question of whether to install the bathroom. For this hot topic, we can compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom.


  1. Excellent comfort. For standing in the shower, lying in the bath is extremely comfortable, it can relieve people's fatigue, and have the effect of comforting people's body and mind.

  2. Increase the toilet function. The increase of the bathtub makes the original one-person bathing become available for two people to use together, which greatly increases the function of the bathroom. At the same time, it is not necessary to consider installing two bathrooms, which not only saves time but also saves space.

  3. Provide convenience for children. It is more convenient to have a bathtub for newborns at home. Children’s bathing is very cumbersome. Bathtubs are generally used. At this time, the bathtub can replace the bathing basin, which can increase the fun of the baby in bathing.

  4. Improve aesthetics. The addition of the bathtub makes the bathroom look bigger and more fashionable, and the bathtub has many styles to choose from, which plays a certain role in increasing the beauty.


  Occupy bathroom space (troublesome transportation), increased demand for water (water consumption), infrequent removal after installation, costly engineering effort, 20 minutes for filling up with water, waste of time, bathtub prone to residual scale, and frequent cleaning Trouble, the water in the bathtub is "dead water", because the dirt from the body is still floating in the water, it is not sanitary to use the bathtub.

  To sum up, the above is only to provide a more comprehensive knowledge for everyone to make better choices. As for whether to install a bathtub or not, it depends on the actual situation of the room, the family's economic conditions and personal preferences.

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