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How to choose a bathtub

duhui 2021-06-09

  How to choose a bathtub?

  The main points of buying a bathtub are as follows:

How to choose a bathtub

  1. Brand

  Well-known bathtub brands will be guaranteed in terms of quality and service.

  2. How much budget

  The bathtubs on the market range from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan, a few thousand yuan to a tens of thousands yuan, or even a high-end tens of thousands yuan. You have to have a budget, not expensive, and only choose the right one. When buying, try to choose a big brand, and the quality is guaranteed after sale.

  3. What type

  When choosing a bathtub, determine the size of the bathtub according to the area of ??the bathroom. The type of bathtub should be based on personal preference. It is recommended for ordinary families to choose a built-in bathtub, which is easy to clean and practical. If you are looking for comfort, you can choose between free-standing bathtubs and artificial stone bathtubs under the premise of sufficient budget. In terms of quality, cast iron bathtubs are more durable. Considering the cost-effectiveness, selection diversity and shape, acrylic material is recommended.

  4. Quality

  The surface of a good bathtub is smooth, flat and shiny. Generally speaking, the thicker and heavier the wall, the stronger and more durable the bathtub. Choose a bathtub with good thermal insulation performance, so you don't have to worry about the water being easy to cool in winter.

  5. After-sales service

  The installation and maintenance of the bathtub is still troublesome, and after-sales service is also an important factor that should be considered, such as whether to provide on-site measurement, installation and other services.

  6. Tips

  If you have an elderly or disabled person in your home, you can choose a bathtub with grab bars inside or install grab bars in an appropriate position.

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