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How to choose the size of the shower room

duhui 2021-07-23

  How to choose the size of the shower room?

  Because the shower room not only has the function of separating dry and wet, it is also stylish and beautiful, which adds a strong sense of design to the layout of the bathroom. Now more and more families begin to choose the shower room. Let's talk about the size of the shower room below.

How to choose the size of the shower room

  1. Determined according to the height of the shower roomThe height of the bathroom in most families is about 2.4 meters, so the standard size of the shower room is generally 1.9 meters in height. Of course, if your family is taller, you can adjust it according to your family's height. You also need to pay attention to the position of the shower.

  2. Determined according to the shower door leafThe width of a two-door shower room with one solid and one living room shall not be less than 1 meter, and the width of the movable door shall be maintained at 0.65 meters, otherwise it will be difficult to open and close. The width of the two-door three-door shower room should not be less than 1.2 meters, and the width of the movable door must also be maintained at 0.65 meters to open and close normally.

  3. The size of the shower room is based on the size of the bathroom, to choose a suitable shower room product. Regardless of the type of shower room, if the standard size cannot meet the space conditions of your own bathroom, you can directly customize it. The large space can be comfortable and looseThe angle of the bath depends on the consideration, and it has a variety of options, but the small space should make full use of the area. It is better to choose some sliding designs and inward opening designs that do not take up space.

  Of course, different types of shower room size references are also different. Here are just some general ones. The specific standards have to be customized by the shower room manufacturer according to the size of the bathroom space.

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