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The basic concept of bathtub

duhui 2021-04-27

  A bathtub is a plumbing device for bathing or showering, and is usually installed in a household bathroom. Modern bathtubs are mostly made of acrylic (acrylic) or glass fiber, and some are made of steel coated with ceramics. In recent years, wooden bathtubs have gradually become popular in mainland China, mainly made of cedar wood in Sichuan. Also called Baichuan wooden barrel.

The basic concept of bathtub

  Old style Western bathtubs are usually made of rust-proof treated steel or iron. For a long time, most of the bathtubs are rectangular. In recent years, as acrylic heated bathtubs have become more popular, bathtubs of various shapes have begun to appear. The most common color for bathtubs is white, but there are other shades such as pink. Most bathtubs have a drain level at the bottom, and a drain level to prevent overflow at the top. Some install the hose on the edge of the bathtub.

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