What kind of mirror is good, What are the bad manifestations


What kind of mirror is good? What are the bad manifestations?

duhui 2021-04-19

  Users also want to buy high-quality mirrors, so they naturally need to make judgments in the process, and when buying high-quality products, they first need to know what is bad. So what will a bad mirror behave? First of all, there will be a corresponding decline in the clarity of the bad ones. With the improvement of technology and technology, the clarity of the entire product is also improving, so when the clarity of a product has no advantage, it naturally proves that it does not. Quality advantage.

What kind of mirror is good? What are the bad manifestations?

  There are also some, and some are in the process of using the mirror, and there are often some phenomena of mercury loss or surface stains when wet, and these are not high-quality products. A real high-quality product will not affect mercury in the water environment, and now it is also used in the bathroom, and in the long-term water environment, the clarity of the mirror will not be changed. It must be easy to clean up while falling. If it is not easy to clean up during use, it is not really a high-quality product.

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