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What types of bathtubs are classified by material

duhui 2021-09-18

The main points of buying bathtubs:

Before buying a bathtub, it is necessary to tell everyone what types of bathtubs are available, so that you can get confused when choosing a bathtub.

Bathtubs are classified into acrylic, cast iron enamel, artificial stone bathtub, iron plate enamel and wood according to their materials.

Acrylic: This material is easy to shape, slower heat dissipation, good heat preservation performance, warm to the touch, easy to clean, weight and easy to install, cheap, and more popular with the public. However, this bathtub has poor high temperature resistance and is not resistant to wear.

What types of bathtubs are classified by material

Cast iron enamel: This is the most traditional bathtub. It is made of cast iron and covered with a layer of ceramic, which is strong and wear-resistant, more durable. However, the thermal insulation performance is poor, the transportation and installation are difficult, and the cost is higher than that of acrylic. Artificial stone bathtub: This new high-end bathtub has a beautiful shape and a comfortable feel. This material is better than other materials in terms of plasticity, heat preservation, antibacterial, and antifouling properties, and has strong practicability. But it is expensive and heavy.

Iron plate enamel: This kind of bathtub is easy to shape, cheap to make, not easy to hang dirty, easy to clean, and can maintain gloss without discoloration.

Wood: The wooden bathtubs on the market use cedar wood as the raw material, and the surface is made of original color wood, made of pure solid wood. It has a good hand feeling and gives people a feeling of being close to nature.

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