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How are mirrors classified

duhui 2021-04-28

  Nowadays, mirrors are very common in our lives. When people buy this product, they need to understand this product first and see how it is classified so that they can choose according to their needs. Suitable product.

  1. People can be divided into many different types according to the different situations in which the mirror is used. Some are used in the bathroom. This product is mainly flat glass, but it is decorated with frames and other decorative materials. People are buying this product. At the time, it should be practical.

  2. Make-up mirrors are generally magnifying glasses. There are many types of these products, which can be raised and lowered and folded. They have become a popular product for modern women.

How are mirrors classified

  3. Full-length mirrors are used in a wide range of places. People generally use full-length mirrors when buying clothes. This product is mainly practical.

  4. Decorative mirrors. People generally use it to achieve a decorative effect and achieve beautiful appearance. This product pays more attention to artistry and generally uses flat glass.

  5. The advertising mirror is for the purpose of advertising. It uses some border materials to decorate, and it contains advertising content.

  In our lives, the application of mirrors is very extensive. People use different places, and the products they choose should also be different. In recent years, there have been more and more decorative products.

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