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How to make a mirror

duhui 2021-04-28

  Nowadays, mirrors are very common in our lives. People need to use them every day for dressing. It plays an important role in many industries. Therefore, more and more products are produced now, so how do mirrors be made? What about? Here's how to make the mirror.

  1. Clean the glass first

  Because people use the mirror in different occasions, so the needs are different. Therefore, when people make this product, they need to cut the glass according to certain specifications according to the demand, and then use tap water. Rinse both the front and back sides of the cut glass, and then apply iron red powder with water on the side to be plated, wait until the moisture is dry, wipe off the iron red powder, rinse with water, and then use a trace of chlorination Scrub the surface to be plated with stannous, then rinse the remaining stannous chloride with water, and finally rinse the glass with distilled water.

How to make a mirror

  2. The glass should be silver-plated

  People should place the washed glass on a wooden shelf, and then pour the evenly stirred silver solution and reducing solution onto the plating surface. When the silver mirror is reflected on the glass, they can be directly rinsed with water and then poured on. Apply gelatin, wait until it dries, and then apply a layer of iron red primer or anti-embroidery paint to make it a mirror.

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