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How to choose a bathroom cabinet

duhui 2022-09-07

How to choose a bathroom cabinet


When it comes to bathroom cabinets, everyone is familiar with them. As the standard configuration of the bathroom, it undertakes the heavy responsibility of bathroom storage. Of course, if you choose well, the appearance of the bathroom can also be improved by it.

Therefore, the selection of bathroom cabinets should not be sloppy. First of all, it must have a large capacity, and secondly, it must fit the decoration style of the entire bathroom. When there are many reference factors for selection, it is easy to be confused.

The bathroom cabinet is the most attractive existence in the bathroom. It can be said that it is an important household product that shows the owner's aesthetics and taste. Therefore, the first thing to consider when purchasing a bathroom cabinet is the style of the bathroom cabinet, which must be consistent with the decoration style of your own home.

1. Choose according to the bathroom style


(1) New Chinese style

New Chinese style is not a simple copy of Chinese style, but a combination of traditional and modern elements extracted from Chinese style.

This style of bathroom cabinets is generally made of solid wood as the main material. Will the design use complex and cumbersome patterns, but use relatively simple geometric lines. Generally, a bathroom cabinet with this style will make the owner more refined.

(2) Modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist bathroom cabinets pay more attention to practicality and aesthetics. Therefore, generally this style of bathroom cabinet will use light color as the appearance color, and its storage function is very powerful, which can be said to be the first choice for small households.

This style of bathroom cabinet is very popular with young people nowadays, because it is simple and elegant without losing the sense of design, and it can also be perfectly matched with most home styles.

(3) Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style is arguably the most unique of all decorating styles. Since the Mediterranean style comes from the azure coast and white sandy beaches of Spain, white and blue are its main colors. And these two colors can create a soothing, free feeling.

2. According to the structural design selection

(1) Hanging bathroom cabinet

Hanging bathroom cabinets are the first choice for most families. Due to the suspended design at the bottom, the cabinet is separated from the ground, which can effectively diffuse moisture and moisture, avoiding the possibility of moisture intrusion into the cabinet.

In addition, it has the benefit of increasing the sense of space. Therefore, even if it is a small apartment, if you install this bathroom cabinet and match it with the mirror cabinet of the same series, it will not feel crowded.

(2) Floor-standing bathroom cabinet

Compared with the hanging bathroom cabinet, this bathroom cabinet has no requirements on the wall during installation.

But because the bathroom is basically in a wet state for a long time. Especially if there is no dry and wet isolation at home, the floor-mounted bathroom cabinet will often come into contact with water, which will cause damage to the cabinet and affect its service life.

Therefore, when purchasing a floor-standing bathroom cabinet, be sure to choose a bathroom cabinet with a double-sided waterproof layer. Only in this way can the internal structure of the floor-standing bathroom cabinet not be deformed and the service life can be extended.

3. Select according to the cabinet material


(1) solid wood material

Compared with other bathroom cabinet materials, solid wood bathroom cabinets are definitely the most environmentally friendly and healthy, because general wooden furniture directly uses various woods as raw materials.

However, due to the particularity of the bathroom environment, rubber wood is generally used to make bathroom cabinets. This wood can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof after being treated by distillation and dehydration and some other waterproofing processes.

(2) Ceramic material

Bathroom cabinets in this material can easily create a modern bathroom space and are easy to clean. However, be sure to pay attention to sharp objects in daily use to avoid damage caused by bumps.

(3) PVC material

The anti-slip and scratch-resistant properties of this material are very good, and it can be said to be the best-maintained bathroom cabinet material.

However, the PVC material also has a disadvantage: if a heavy object is placed on it for a long time, it is easy to deform, so the bathroom cabinet of this material is generally smaller in size, which is more suitable for a family of three.

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