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How to install the bathroom cabinet

duhui 2022-07-12

How to install the bathroom cabinet


The bathroom is a place that we use frequently in our daily life. The bathroom has many spatial roles, responsible for storing items, and has a very diverse layout. Bathroom cabinets with various styles and designs have become a good helper to solve this difficulty. Today, I will introduce to you how to install the bathroom cabinet, I hope it will be helpful to you.

First, determine the location of the bathroom cabinet


Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, it is necessary to determine the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. Since the bathroom cabinet needs to be punched in the wall, and there are two holes, the water inlet hole and the drainage hole, once the installation is completed, it cannot be changed at will. Therefore, it is very important to confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. In order to avoid mistakes, the designer should design the position of all sanitary ware in the bathroom in advance to avoid mistakes during installation.


Second, see the layout of water and electricity pipelines


Since it is necessary to use an electric drill to drill holes in the wall during installation, and water pipes and wire pipes are arranged on the wall of the bathroom, all the wiring diagrams and wiring diagrams need to be confirmed before drilling. If the water pipes or wire lines are broken, It is necessary to knock out the tile repair, which will cause unnecessary losses.


Three, bathroom cabinet height


The installation height of the bathroom cabinet must also be paid attention to. The standard installation height of the general bathroom cabinet is 80-85 cm, which can be calculated from the floor tile to the upper part of the wash basin. The specific installation height needs to be determined according to the height and usage habits of family members, but the bathroom cabinet The height cannot be less than 80 cm. In addition, there should be a moisture-proof board at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet when installing it, so as to avoid excessive water vapor on the ground and affect the normal use of the bathroom cabinet.


Fourth, the main cabinet installation


When installing the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, you need to select the positioning holes first, punch holes on the wall with an impact drill, install the plugs in the wall-mounted accessories into the holes, and then use self-tapping screws to lock the cabinet and the wall. . It can also be installed with expansion bolts. The installation method is the same. You need to drill the brick holes with impact first. After the cabinet is installed, align the basin with the wooden vase of the cabinet and adjust it to level. When installing the floor-standing bathroom cabinet, you need to screw the cabinet foot components on the fixing piece through the double-ended screw, and then put the cabinet in a proper position, and try to make the cabinet feet close to the outside, so that the entire cabinet body is evenly stressed.


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