What are the precautions for installing the bathtub


What are the precautions for installing the bathtub

duhui 2021-06-09

  What are the precautions for installing the bathtub?

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  Precautions for installing the bathtub

  1. Choose the size of the bathtub

  The size is related to the installation location. If the area of the bathroom is relatively large, then there is a greater degree of freedom when choosing the bathtub. If the size of the bathroom is limited, the choice of the bathtub will be correspondingly restricted.

  2. Installation points of different bathtubs

  The free-standing bathtub is easy to install. Installing the water inlet and outlet is the main problem. Before installation, modify the water outlet and other channels, connect the upper and lower water, and check for leakage. The focus of the installation of the embedded bathtub is the waterproof function. After the bathtub pipe is made, the slotted part should be repaired in order to achieve the waterproof effect, and the leakage should be checked, and the inspection hole should be reserved for easy maintenance.

  3. Treatment method of skirt and bottom

  Special attention should be paid to the treatment of the skirt and the bottom. The bathtub is generally installed during the house decoration process. The surface of the bathtub can be covered with a soft material. It is not allowed to stand on the bathtub or place heavy objects on the edge of the bathtub to prevent damage to the bathtub. The bathtub can only be used after 24 hours of installation.

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