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What is the best material for bathroom cabinets

duhui 2022-07-12

What is the best material for bathroom cabinets


The optional materials for bathroom cabinets are: 1. Solid wood, which has a relatively high environmental protection coefficient, but is easy to get wet; 2. Ceramic material, which is beautiful and easy to install; 3. Stainless steel, which is waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof Fourth, mix and match materials, combining ceramics and solid wood, stainless steel and PVC, etc., there are many styles.



Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages:


1. Solid wood material


The most indispensable furniture material in home decoration is the solid wood series. However, if the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood is also used in the bathroom, it is indeed easy to match. It is undeniable that the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood is indeed very high in terms of environmental protection coefficient. At the same time, because the wood is easy to get wet, the bathroom cabinet must be placed in a dry place.


2. Ceramic material


Pure ceramic bathroom cabinets do have a good appearance, smooth and bright appearance, and also form a good match with the white bathroom, but it is a very simple bathroom cabinet with poor functionality. The bathroom cabinet in everyone's impression should be almost the same as the column basin, but it is richer than the column basin. In fact, the overall bulky effect and simplicity are indispensable.


3. Stainless steel material


There are many advantages of stainless steel bathroom cabinets, including waterproof effect, moisture-proof effect, rust-proof effect, mildew-proof effect, stable overall quality, functional durability factor, decorative effect and so on. With so many advantages, it is also inevitable to feel cold. Because the bathroom is originally a relatively cold and cold space, but the use of stainless steel materials under this space is obviously a way to make things worse.


4. Mix and match materials


Mixing and matching materials is actually a choice presented after synthesizing a variety of materials, because it can indeed be combined with a variety of materials to present a more beautiful bathroom cabinet style. For example, ceramics and solid wood materials are combined, such as stainless steel and PVC. There are even many bathroom cabinets that are rationally combined, and there are more styles combined. The bathroom cabinets that most families choose are made of mixed materials, but it is undeniable that its potential disadvantage is that it is difficult to match many styles.


How to determine the size of the bathroom cabinet


1. Overall size


First observe that the overall size of the bathroom cabinet mainly exists in the depth and width of the bathroom cabinet, because if the overall size and the bathroom form a great conflict, it will lead to normal use, and even the bathroom door cannot be opened, so the overall size It is one of the first aspects of bathroom cabinets to be determined.


2. Specific size


The specific dimensions include the depth, width and height of the bathroom cabinet as well as the dimensions of each accessory. If the family members are short or tall, they can adjust the basic installation size, which is between 80 and 85 cm. And if there are many things to be stored in the bathroom, you can also increase the depth of the bathroom cabinet under the premise of a larger bathroom, and the depth can be controlled at about 70 cm.


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